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My name's Rhiannon and I'm passionate about making you - an awesome Advanced English user - feel incredible when you use English.

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You see, English is an amazing superpower in our modern world and too often I see folk who should be running ahead screaming "I CAN DO ANYTHING" at the top of their lungs hanging around at the back, tied up in knots because they get really nervous speaking or they worry about making mistakes.

If this is you, I want you to know one thing - it is NOT your fault. You've been taught to value accuracy over fluency and this has left you feeling like anything but perfection simply isn't good enough. You've been taught that being happy with your 'flawed' English is laziness and that you should always be striving for better. You've been taught that people will judge you for your mistakes and that errors are like a big neon sign above your head proclaiming "THIS PERSON DOES NOT BELONG HERE." 

This is not true. And it's my mission to help you understand that.

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