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I’m Rhiannon, founder of Rhiannon ELT. I’ve been teaching English since 2012, when I found a job at a summer school in Belgium. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, I went on to get my Celta in English language teaching and moved to Spain where I lived and taught for two years.


I’m now back in Scotland, living with my girlfriend and our two cats, Hugo and Jones (who sometimes make an appearance in my classes!) We’re in the process of renovating an old tenement flat in the centre of the city so, when I’m not working, I’m scrolling through Instagram renovation projects, looking for inspiration, or getting stuck into our latest DIY project. 


I completed my Cambridge Diploma (Delta) in 2018. It was really difficult working and studying at the same time, but it was the best decision I could've made. I learned so much about how languages are learned, the English language itself, and how to design and build effective courses for my students.

Rhiannon ELT was born out of a desire to offer learners of English something a bit different. I knew from my studies that it's commonly accepted amongst academics and researchers that the best way to learn a language is to use it, and that heavy emphasis on grammar teaching is, at best, ineffective and yet it seems to me that most language teaching doesn't reflect this.


I wanted to design courses which put meaningful communication front and centre. That's where my Discussion Courses come from. They are exactly what I would want from a language course: small groups, interesting and varied texts, and an opportunity to meet new people and share my thoughts and opinions with them.  I'm happy to announce that my students seem to agree! I'm thankful to all those who've taken the time so far to leave me a review - it means a lot to me.

My Learner Training tasks developed out of these Discussion Courses as well. Originally compiled just for my students, I decided to share the activities online to help support learners who are trying to study English on their own. It's all very well knowing that reading in English is useful, it's quite another to keep motivated and build yourself a solid study schedule around this. The tasks are a mixture of activities I use in class, activities I've used when studying languages myself, and activities which I've adapted from colleagues and my reading over the years. 

Take a look around my website. I hope you find something useful that you can take away from it. Follow me on social media and get in touch if I can help you at all with your language learning journey.