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Group Coaching for English Teachers 

Develop confidence and authority in your English

Quieten the voice of doubt

You know that voice... the one that says "I'm not as good as a native speaker" or asks "how can I teach English when I still make mistakes!?"

It's getting in the way of your career and preventing you from fully helping your students.

Let's make that voice go away!


Surround yourself with confidence

Ever heard the expression "a problem shared is a problem halved"?

Community and regular calls with other non-native English teachers will help you see your worries from a new perspective.

You'll support each other to work through the challenges and negative thoughts you are dealing with.


Experience the power of coaching

Through a mixture of private coaching calls, group calls and a Whatsapp community, you'll be gently guided to establish goals, set out parameters for your own success and take action.

Running from August to November (dates TBC), this coaching program will allow you to become the English teaching professional you know yourself to be.

Pop your name on the waitlist and I'll be in touch with more details when they're confirmed.

Plant Shadow

Join the waitlist

The program is now LIVE for those on the waitlist meaning that you can join. Complete this form to be taken to the sales page.

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