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a 10-week discussion and coaching program for Advanced English learners

Transform your relationship with English and become a confident, articulate user of English through a unique mixture of group coaching and discussion sessions.

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Sorry you missed us this time.

This 10-week coaching and discussion program is for you if you are an advanced learner who feels that your progress has hit a wall and that - despite working on your language for years and years and years - you are still not comfortable expressing yourself fully in English when the conversation gets complicated.

This program will take you from feeling stressed, humiliated and frustrated by how slow your English progress feels to confident and comfortable speaking about all manner of topics, no matter how complicated they are!

Before joining Deep talk, I was worried about not being able to talk about a wide range of topics or use all the vocabulary I thought I needed, or all the expressions I had learnt throughout the years. I joined the program because I hoped to force myself to use all the knowledge I knew remained somewhere in my memory, and because I didn't consider myself fluent enough to talk about some delicate topics. I also wanted to improve my ability and agility when it comes to organising and expressing my ideas properly. My biggest fear was not understanding what other people meant, or not knowing what to say or what we were talking about. But obviously, that was just in my head, it was definitely not true!

Now, I feel more confident when speaking, because I know what I'm able to do and I don't focus so much on trying to say things properly, but instead on being clear and making sure people understand what I mean.

If you’re not sure about joining, I’d say go for it!! You will not only discover that you are more than capable of talking about everything you want to, but you will also find your mind opening to so many more perspectives in life.

Sara, Spain - Deep Talk May 2022 member

I feel more confident when speaking, because I know what I'm able to do and I don't focus so much on trying to say things properly.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • Your progress is slow - even glacial. You made a huge effort to reach an advanced level, but now you're here, you feel stuck.

  • On paper, you should feel confident with your language - you passed that exam, you got that job, you finished that English degree - but all that just makes you feel even worse about still not feeling good enough.

  • You "know you know it" but in the moment you find yourself forgetting things or struggling to get your words out and you know it's not just a language issue. There's something in your head that's stopping you from feeling confident.

  • Day-to-day English isn't difficult for you, but that's just the problem. You never seem to have the opportunity to use anything but the most basic English, and you're worried you're forgetting all the Advanced language you've spent so long learning.

  • You've considered going back to traditional language classes - maybe even tried it once or twice - but the prospect of sitting through yet another lesson on the third conditional makes you want to stick pins in your eyes!

You want to feel confident and comfortable - even when the conversation goes in an unexpected direction or the topic is difficult.

You want a space where you can finally use all that Advanced language you definitely know but can never seem to be able to remember when you need it!

You want to simply use English, not constantly feel like a learner.

You're not looking for perfection, but you want to feel better about making the occasional mistake and not always worry it makes people think you're stupid.

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"The fact I can speak to my host family without any worries or concerns seemed impossible four months ago, but the new worry is that I sometimes speak too much! "

I'd like to thank you again for everything, Rhiannon.

Deep Talk has been one of the best things I have ever decided to do. The choice of topic was always interesting, it always taught me something new and gave me something to think about.

I can confidently say that this program has exceeded all my expectations. As a coach, I think you were amazing. Always there to help us when the conversation stopped, explained everything we wanted and the best thing for me was the personalised feedback which really proves your commitment to this course because it's not easy keeping track of all of us at the same time :)

You helped me accept my English and be comfortable with it. The fact that I can speak to my host-family without any worries and concerns seemed impossible 4 months ago but the new worry is that I sometimes speak too much!"

Tana, Slovenia - Deep Talk Feb. 2022 member

Despite having had one-to-one sessions with other English teachers, I was still feeling embarrassed and stressed while speaking so I joined hoping to develop my self-confidence.


Thanks to "Deep Talk," I understand that I'm capable, I'm able to understand what other people are saying and I can speak English fluently. I'm no longer stressed and scared.


What's more, the lectures and videos were really useful for setting the scene for the speaking sessions. It's been interesting to read articles form newspapers, as well as extracts of books and videos on YouTube. Meaningful content is all we need to develop our language skills in a natural way.


I would recommend “Deep Talk” to everyone who is struggling with English language skills. It is a new way to acquire the language in a natural and effortless way.

Thanks to "Deep Talk," I understand that I'm capable... I'm no longer stressed and scared.


Massimiliano, Italy

Deep Talk Sept. 2022 member

So how does it work? Let me explain.

Deep Talk is a ten-week-long program, with each week dedicated to a different fascinating, juicy topic. 

You'll be given different materials each week - one reading and one listening, plus a whole of load of extra materials so you can learn more about the topics.  I'll give you some questions to get you thinking and also encourage you to frame your own.


You'll share your responses in the Coffeehouse (a private forum for Deep Talk members) and be able to start developing your ideas and practising using some of the vocabulary you're learning.

Once or twice a week (depending on your availability), you'll join the other members for a discussion. We'll meet using Google Meet and use breakout rooms so that you have plenty of chances to speak and can share your thoughts with a variety of folks.

After the session, I'll share with you my notes on the language used - drawing your attention to useful vocabulary and structures as well as pointing out repeated errors you might want to work on.

That's not all, though!

On alternate weeks, we'll also meet for Coaching sessions to keep you focussed and motivated on your goals and for Small Talk sessions to give you a chance to get to know the other members.

Read what some previous members have said:

Before joining, I didn't think my English was good enough to communicate and worried that people would think I was stupid when I spoke English. I was in touch with Rhiannon for months before joining and gradually I realised I could trust her and I accepted the challenge of Deep Talk - it was much less frightening than I'd imagined!


From the very beginning I felt accepted, understood by both Rhiannon and my fellow members. If I could go back and speak to the earlier María, I would say: Trust Rhiannon, she is what you see. It is worthwhile. You won't want the course to finish! You will discover your English is good enough. You'll learn to love your English.


The most important thing I got from Deep Talk is the feeling that I can speak my English. My English is good enough to communicate about anything. I now know that what you say is more important for connecting with people than how you say it. Therefore, what matters is the message, not the grammar. I have found an environment that has made me feel safe and protected, both by Rhiannon and my colleagues.


I think Deep Talk is interesting for anyone who feels uncomfortable and insecure with their English.

If I could go back and speak to the earlier María, I would say: Trust Rhiannon, she is what you see. It is worthwhile. You won't want the course to finish! You will discover your English is good enough. You'll learn to love your English.


María, Spain

Deep Talk Sept. 2022 member

I decided to join the course because I wanted to go beyond everyday language and clash with more complex vocabulary and topics. I had worked with Rhiannon before so I trusted the course would be good - and I was right! I can feel my English improving and my speaking - a nightmare for me! - is more fluent and articulate.

Eva, Italy - Deep Talk 2021 member

Before joining, I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to prepare for the classes but, while this was sometimes true, I have still noticed that my confidence in myself has improved and I feel more relaxed when talking in English. The most useful bit for me was the personalised feedback where Rhiannon made us think about how to correct our mistakes.

Diana, Spain - Deep Talk Feb. 2022 member

After a tiring day at work talking about technical subjects, I really enjoyed discussing more "human" related subjects. In our classes I completely forgot about my work or personal issues. I had fun and enjoyed chatting with other colleagues and time went so fast in my opinion.

Mario, Portugal/Belgium

- Deep Talk 2021 member

I don’t know where I’m going to have these conversations any more! I’ve really enjoyed taking the time to research these topics and talk about them. I don’t get to do this in my everyday life.


Bistra, Bulgaria/Italy

- Deep Talk 2021 member

Who runs Deep Talk?

Hello! My name’s Rhiannon. 

I'm a coach who specialises in helping Advanced learners like you step deeper into their language and start really feeling like English is home for them.

You see, I speak to tons of learners who, on the surface, seem to have a great level of English. But when I talk to them, they feel anything but great. Maybe you can relate to that?

They tell me that they struggle speaking up in work or social situations.

They tell me that, despite having passed a language exam or completed a language course, they feel like they have so much further still to go.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-19 at 10.43.38.jpeg

That’s why I put together Deep Talk. To throw you in at the deep end and prove to you that you CAN do it. Despite what the doubt in your head keeps telling you!

Before I joined, I was feeling a bit stuck with my English and wasn't feeling challenged enough. As I'm an English teacher myself and most of my students are at an intermediate level, I feel the need to 'level down' when I talk to most of them. I was hoping to make use of fancy advanced vocabulary and structures which I don't get to use very often. Thanks to the coaching with Rhiannon, however, I have been able to make a huge shift in my perspective and see that being an advanced student doesn't equal ‘using fancy phrases’. Only now can I see that that isn't and shouldn't be the ultimate goal.

I feel so much more confident with my English and I definitely feel enormously motivated by Rhiannon. She's an enthusiastic and energetic coach (but at the same time down-to-earth and realistic) that you want to work with. She's got an extraordinary vibe and incredible coaching skills. She knows what to ask and when to ask it. She points you in the right direction. If you’re considering joining, just do it! I guarantee you'll have a great time and you'll improve (not only your linguistic skills) greatly!

Veronika, Czech Republic - Deep Talk May 2022 member

Thanks to coaching with Rhiannon, I have been able to make a huge shift in my perspective... I feel so much more confident.

What's included in the program?

So, let’s get into the details. Deep Talk has been designed to work around you and your schedule with options to join at different times of the day and week.

When you sign up, you will gain access to:

  • The online portal with all the materials you’ll need, including weekly videos introducing the topic so you know exactly what we’re talking about that week, a video and an article to study for background on the subject, plus some extra materials for you to dive even deeper. These materials are your 'homework' and you'll need to set aside some time every week to take a look at them.

  • A community of fellow Advanced learners to chat to and share your thoughts and ideas with. You'll do this in the Deep Talk Coffeehouse, a private forum where you can write your response to the week's topic and materials, and respond to others' comments. This space is where you can mull over ideas that haven't fully formed yet and prepare for the face-to-face discussions.

  • TWO weekly group meetings (Tuesdays 12-1pm UK + Thursday 6:30-8pm UK) where you can discuss the topic in more depth with your colleagues. You can choose the time which suits you best, or come along to both if you're able. In these meetings, you'll be in breakout rooms with the other members and have the chance to explore their different interpretations and responses to the week's subject. This is the highlight of Deep Talk - a chance to expand your mind and explore different perspectives from your own. 

  • Small Talk meetings every other week (starting in Week 01). On Mondays from 6-7pm UK, you'll meet with your colleagues for an informal chat - just getting to know one another. It's a great opportunity to make new friends and to practise a different kind of English conversation, based on a different low-stress topic each fortnight: food, hobbies, our weeks, etc. 

  • Group Coaching every other week (starting in Week 02). On Mondays from 6-7pm UK, we'll work together through some of the fundamentals of language coaching: what goals we're working on, what we're celebrating about our English, what we're worried about and how we're coping. The aim of these sessions is to help you build a healthier, happier relationship with English.

  • Language Feedback on the conversations had in the Group Discussion Sessions. This weekly feedback will aim to draw your attention to useful vocabulary and phrases, as well as some repeated errors to be aware of in future.

I used to take English classes focused on exam preparations and I found them really boring. I thought it would be interesting to challenge myself with a change and joined Deep Talk. I was hoping to gain confidence with English, no matter the topic.

The variety of materials every week was amazing, and the coaching was great and very supportive. The topics were really challenging - I didn’t think I would be able to speak for 1 hour or 1.5 hours at a time but I did it!

If you’re thinking about joining Deep Talk, I would say that it’s a great idea and it will push you out of your comfort zone.

Silvia, Spain - Deep Talk May 2022 member

What kind of topics do you discuss?

When you sign up, I'll send you a link to a survey to find out what topics would most interest you, and I construct the course syllabus around the chosen topics of the members. But to give you a flavour, here are some topics from the last two Deep Talk programs:

  • Could women soon lose access to safe abortions? (spoiler: they did)

  • Are we all suffering from climate anxiety?

  • What is the future of LGBTQ Pride?

  • How rich is too rich?

  • Why aren’t we satisfied with what we’ve got?

  • What are the benefits of immigration?

  • Why is art so expensive?

  • Why is it so hard for women to accept their bodies?

  • How would you spend a trillion dollars?

  • What happens when we die?

You can see why the program's called "Deep Talk", can't you!?

How much does the program cost?

The ten-week program costs

This includes all the materials, access to the online portal, and the three sessions each week.

Members who join before the end of 2022 will also receive a one-to-one Coaching Power Hour with me completely free!

Back in September, I felt I was not able to speak as fluently as I could in the past when I could travel more often. I was anxious when I had to reply to someone because I thought my English wasn't enough and I was concerned about mistakes of any kind. It was frustrating because I've always been in love with this language and have spent time and energy learning and building strategies but then I often felt stuck and incapable.

I was worried before joining about the amount of time it would take up. I am a very busy English teacher and I did not want to spend too much time online doing some extra activities that were not related to my daily work.  Well, that was the WRONG concern because, thanks to Deep Talk, I have changed my mindset and it has helped me a lot in my job. My self-confidence and my willpower to improve are directly connected to the rapport with my students. Besides that, Deep Talk is really enjoyable, you feel enriched both linguistically and personally through real, deep discussions with lovely people about interesting topics.

I really appreciated the coaching sessions. They were useful occasions to reflect, go deeper and find new solutions/strategies. All in a concrete, real way. I enjoyed doing my homework, even if it may sound strange. In fact, reading articles and watching videos that are chosen so carefully was very helpful as well as entertaining. Last but not least, Rhiannon is a very good moderator and even her videos about the weekly 'slip-ups' were interesting!

Now, I am proud of my English and I thank myself for the good job I have been doing since I was a teenager. It has something to do with awareness, respect and self-esteem. It's a nice feeling!

Now, I am proud of my English and I thank myself for the good job I have been doing since I was a teenager. It has something to do with awareness, respect and self-esteem. It's a nice feeling!


Laura, Italy

Deep Talk Sept. 2022 member

When does the January '23 program start?

Tuesday 10th January 2023: the online elements of the program go live 

This is when you'll get access to the first week's materials, be able to introduce yourself in the Coffeehouse and start working on the tasks for the first week. I recommend joining for this date to give yourself enough time to prepare for the discussions the following week.

Monday 16th January 2023: we begin Week 01!

The first evening meeting will be a Small Talk session and a great chance to meet your course mates. The following two sessions (Tuesday lunchtime and Thursday evening UK) will be discussion sessions and you'll need to come ready to talk about the first week's materials and topic. 

The final meeting (Week 10), will be on Thursday 23rd March 2023.

I needed to speak in English after a year of isolation due to the pandemic.

I loved Rhiannon’s course. It was a really interesting experience with a continuous cultural exchange on subjects of general and current interest. A concern of mine before starting was being able to manage a conversation and quickly create connections on topics that you are not always prepared for. The course taught me to make connections, give examples, and express personal opinions. I am very satisfied!

Antonella, Italy - Deep Talk 2021 member

Got questions?

What level do I need in order to join?

While you don’t need to have any official C1 certification to join, you should be about this level or above. The reason for this is that the materials are going to be “real-life” and you need to have sufficient language to deal with this both in how much you’re able to understand AND how easily you can discuss it.


Can I join even if I can’t make all the meetings?

Absolutely! The program is not designed for you to come to EVERY meeting (although, if you'd like to, you'd be more than welcome!) Instead, I hope you will build a schedule which works for you - sometimes coming to all the meetings in a week, sometimes having to drop down to just one or missing this week and returning the following week.

I've tried to balance UK lunchtimes and evenings to account for different time zones and work schedules but I apologise if the times don't work for you!

I’m preparing for an exam. Will the course work on that?

We won’t do any direct exam preparation. This simply isn’t that kind of course. So, if you have an exam coming up very soon, I’d say this isn’t the course for you.

That said, you will be developing skills that could help you in a future exam. You’ll be exposed to a wide variety of complex texts and be expected to respond to them, you’ll be developing and clarifying your opinions as your speak, you’ll be negotiating your responses and views with your classmates. And much else besides. All of that will stand you in very good stead for a future exam.


I’d like to try a week - is that possible?

Unfortunately it isn’t. Places are limited so it wouldn’t be fair to give you a place only for it to end up not being filled. If you want to chat more about the course, though, I’d be happy to have a video call with you. Simply send me an email or a DM on Instagram and we’ll find a time which works for both of us!

If you have any other questions, I'd be delighted to answer them. Send me an email or a DM on Instagram!

Join Deep Talk

Joining this course has levelled up my confidence in speaking and also given me more awareness of some mistakes to work on. Learning with Rhiannon is both fun and useful and I would totally recommend joining her courses!

Kateryna, Italy - Deep Talk 2021 member

When I finished my exam, I wanted to try a different kind of course because I thought it would be a good way to develop other skills in English, and that proved to be the correct decision. I enjoyed every single week with strong people who had amazing thoughts and ideas! 


Lucía, Spain - Deep Talk Feb. 2022 member

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