Move deeper into your full, clever self in English and find real confidence in your language.

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Discuss the complex, real-world topics that interest YOU and become a more confident, articulate, and informed English speaker.

This 10-week discussion-based course is for every advanced learner who feels that their English has hit a wall and that they are not yet free to express themselves fully in the language. 

This course will show you just how capable you are and prove to you - once and for all - that it really is possible to engage in deep, complex and intelligent discussions without constantly feeling like this would be so much easier in your first language!

Joining this course has levelled up my confidence in speaking and also given me more awareness of some mistakes to work on. Learning with Rhiannon is both fun and useful and I would totally recommend joining her courses!

Kateryna, Italy 

I get it. 


After making all that progress to get where you are now, STILL not being able to be yourself in English can  be infuriating.


To have come so far and to still feel like you don’t know how to fully connect with other people in English.


To not feel like you really understand them or they you.



What you want is the confidence of knowing that your whole clever, intelligent, thoughtful self is just as accessible to you in English as it is in your first language.


You want to be sure that that - whatever the topic of conversation is - you’ll be able to handle yourself. Not only get through the conversation and survive, but really contribute and engage


You want to have Deep Talk in English.

Thinking of Ideas

This is where this course comes in.


It’s not your typical language course. 


I’m not going to give you lists of vocabulary.


You’re not going to sit through a tedious grammar presentation.


I’m not going to make you ask your partner mundane questions week after week.


Instead, we’re going to start with ideas.



On a wide range of topics from social justice to climate change to philosophy.


If that terrifies you, don’t worry! I won’t just demand these ideas from you willy nilly! In fact, a large part of the course will be you working out exactly what your ideas are


(And if that excites you? Well, you’re in the right place!)

So how does it work? Let me explain.


Deep Talk is a ten-week-long course, with each week dedicated to a different fascinating, juicy topic. Now, some of these you’ll be familiar with, others might be relatively new. So how can we be sure you’re ready for the conversation? 

Well, we learn!


I’ll give you two pieces of material to read or watch each week. These could be anything - a section from a book, a video, a clip from a documentary, a news article, a blog, a podcast episode, etc. etc.


What they’ll all have in common is that they are interesting and informative


As I said, this isn’t your typical language course - you’re going to learn about the world, not just English.


You’ll be reading and studying in your own time - whenever works for you and fits in around your schedule. 


But your ‘in own time’ doesn’t mean ‘alone’.


You’ll be part of a community and you’ll be able to chat and discuss with other members at any time in your very own Deep Talk Coffeehouse.


You’ll ask questions, share ideas, disagree (nicely!) and generally indulge yourself in the deep, intellectual conversation you’re so badly craving!

Just for a second picture what that would feel like.


How would 2022 be different for you if you let yourself have that space?


Each and every week.


Time and space to really stretch your mind and engage deeply with ideas and thoughts that are complex and enriching.


That is the magic of Deep Talk - even before we get into how much your confidence and fluency is going to improve. 


Recognising that having a space to discuss concepts and issues in depth is important to you and then - and this is the key! - giving yourself that space.


I mean… wow. I’ve got goosebumps.

After a tiring day at work talking about technical subjects, I really enjoyed discussing more "human" related subjects. In our classes I completely forgot about my work or personal issues. I had fun and enjoyed chatting with other colleagues and time went so fast in my opinion.

Mario, Portugal/Belgium

I don’t know where I’m going to have these conversations any more! I’ve really enjoyed taking the time to research these topics and talk about them. I don’t get to do this in my everyday life.


Bistra, Bulgaria/Italy

Now comes the fun bit! You talk! 


Once a week, we’ll gather together in an online video call. You’ll be placed in small conversation groups to discuss the week’s topic. 


I’ll be listening in to offer a useful expression here or a helpful clarification there, as well as making a note of language that you’ll either want to remember (because it was awesome!) or fix (because it was…well, um, not awesome!)


After chatting for an hour or so, we’ll come back together to share our insights, our disagreements, and the points we got distracted by or fixated on during our individual conversations.


This’ll also be a chance for me to share some of the language notes I’ve made.

I’d been practising with Rhiannon for a while before this course because I needed an English certificate. Her help was absolutely key. 

When I finished the exam, I wanted to try her group courses because I thought it would be a good way to develop other skills in English, and that proved to be the correct decision. I enjoyed every single week with strong women who had amazing thoughts and ideas! 

Lucía, Spain

Who runs Deep Talk?

My name’s Rhiannon. How rude of me not to have introduced myself before now.

I specialise in helping Advanced learners like you step deeper into their language and start really feeling like English is home for them.

You see, I speak to tons of learners who, on the surface, seem to have a great level of English. But when I talk to them, they feel anything but great. Maybe you can relate to that?


They tell me that they struggle speaking up in work or social situations.


They tell me that, despite having passed a language exam or completed a language course, they feel like they have so much further still to go.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-19 at 10.43.38.jpeg

They tell me that they feel like they inhabit a different world in English and that they never feel fully themselves.


I’m sure you’ll have your own story to add to that list.


That’s why I put together Deep Talk. To throw you in at the deep end and prove to you that you CAN do it. Despite what the doubt in your head keeps telling you.

What's included in the course?

So let’s get into the details. Firstly, there are two ways you can join the ten-week Deep Talk course:

The standard membership will get you the following: 


  • Access to the online portal with all the materials you’ll need, including weekly videos introducing the topic so you know exactly what we’re talking about that week.

  • A community of fellow Advanced learners to chat to and share your thoughts and ideas with.

  • Weekly language tasks to get you building healthy and sustainable English learning habits.

  • Access to a group forum where you can complete weekly tasks and engage in conversation with the group.

  • A weekly group meeting (Wednesdays 6-7:30pm UK time) where you can discuss the topic in more depth with your colleagues.

  • FREE entry to webinars and training run by Rhiannon ELT during the course.

If you're looking to go even deeper, the elite membership will get you this:

  • EVERYTHING included in the basic package

  • PLUS weekly 1-hour meetings in a small group of 3 (the same members every week), allowing you to build stronger relationships and explore the materials in more depth.

  • PLUS recordings of the small group meetings so that you can listen back, assess your language, and make focussed improvement.

  • PLUS personalised feedback on the language you produced during these sessions to help you increase your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.

  • PLUS TWO 30-minute 1-1 goal setting sessions with me, Rhiannon, to help you establish your priorities for the course and assess your progress at the end.

I mean… seriously. What an offer!

If you want to move deeper into your English, explore fascinating topics alongside other intelligent learners, and access your full self in English, you would be so welcome in Deep Talk.

I needed to speak in English after a year of isolation due to the pandemic.

I loved Rhiannon’s course. It was a really interesting experience with a continuous cultural exchange on subjects of general and current interest. A concern of mine before starting was being able to manage a conversation and quickly create connections on topics that you are not always prepared for. The course taught me to make connections, give examples, express personal opinions. I am very satisfied!


Antonella, Italy

Got questions?

What level do I need in order to join?

While you don’t need to have any official C1 certification to join, you should be about this level or above. The reason for this is that the materials are going to be “real-life” and you need to have sufficient language to deal with this both in how much you’re able to understand AND how easily you can discuss it.


Can I join even if I can’t make the weekly meetings?

With the standard membership, yes. You’ll still be able to participate in the forum discussions, the weekly language tasks and you’ll have access to the different weekly materials. If that’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me!

With the elite membership, this isn’t possible, though. You’ll be working in a really small, intimate group and it would affect the others if you weren’t able to join the meetings.

I’m preparing for an exam. Will the course work on that?

We won’t do any direct exam preparation. This simply isn’t that kind of course. So, if you have an exam coming up very soon, I’d say this isn’t the course for you.

That said, you will be developing skills that could help you in a future exam. You’ll be exposed to a wide variety of complex texts and be expected to respond to them, you’ll be developing and clarifying your opinions as your speak, you’ll be negotiating your responses and views with your classmates. And much else besides. All of that will stand you in very good stead for a future exam.


I’d like to try a week - is that possible?

Unfortunately it isn’t. Places are limited so it wouldn’t be fair to give you a place only for it to end up not being filled. If you want to chat more about the course, though, I’d be happy to have a video call with you. Simply send me an email or a DM on Instagram and we’ll find a time which works for both of us!