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Do you recognise this?

  • My English feels stuck in “simple” mode. I’ve learned a lot of advanced vocabulary over the years but when it comes to using it, I can never remember it.

  • I feel comfortable talking about things I like or in situations that affect my life but when it comes to technical or difficult topics, I struggle and get stressed.

  • I have tons of ideas and really want to share them in English but I find myself getting distracted worrying about finding the right word or the right tense.

  • I’m fine in private - if it’s just one or two people, say - but when I have to speak in front of a group, I feel really judged and like all eyes are on me focussing on every mistake I make!

  • I passed my C1 exam, and felt absolutely amazing… for about five minutes before I realised that I still struggle to talk with people about the things that are really important to me!

If that sounds familiar, you are not alone!


I’ve worked with tons of Advanced English speakers who, just like you, were feeling a bit frustrated with what they saw as a serious lack of progress!


As well as they might perform in an English speaking exam, when they tried to take those skills and apply them to the topics they really wanted to talk about, they found it was anything but easy!


That’s where I believe deep conversations on complex topics can really help.


Talking about difficult subjects (emotionally difficult, conceptually difficult, unfamiliar) brings you into a whole new arena of language use.

Suddenly what you say is super important.


The stakes are higher.


People might simply not understand you (a rare but useful occurrence when you’re advanced) or they might actually take offence at what you’ve said.


While it might sound like these are just the topics you’d want to therefore avoid, they’re actually exactly the sorts of conversations that will help push your English to continue improving!


This challenge is going to show you exactly how to make complex conversations work for you; why they are so useful for English progress at Advanced level and what engaging in them will look like for you!


In this three-day challenge, you will:

  • expand your English experience

  • meet a community of people heading in the same direction as you and feeling the same frustrations

  • be challenged to use the advanced language you never normally have use for

  • understand how to get the most out of the texts and videos you want to read and watch.

  • be confident engaging in all sorts of topics - even the difficult ones!

Dive Deeper to Speak Better is a challenge and the title says it all - we are going to dive deeper together, so that you can speak better (whether ’better’ means using more advanced vocabulary or feeling more comfortable is up to you!)


Starting on Wednesday 20th April, we’ll meet every day for three days to learn how your English can be transformed through deep topics.


I’ll set small tasks each day that will guide you through the challenge and show you how you can become more confident, more comfortable and clearer when you speak on complex issues.


The live sessions will be recorded so you can catch up on the sessions whenever is convenient for you!


This challenge is completely free - all I need is your commitment to show up and get stuck in!

When you sign up, you'll receive an email with a link to join the Dive Deeper to Speak Better Facebook Group made especially for this challenge. Make sure you join because that's where the bulk of the action is going to take place!

Sign Up for the Dive Deeper to Speak Better Challenge

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