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How is it possible to a) work on improving your English while b) developing a love of your English as it is right now?

This is, I believe, one of the most important balancing acts to master.
How can I reach a state of genuine happiness and confidence with my skills, while maintaining the forward motion needed to keep improving?

You see, when it comes to English, you've been told - over and over again - that to be taken seriously, to consider yourself truly 'advanced', you have to use 'Advanced vocabulary', avoid making mistakes, and employ complex structures in every other sentence.

Every error you make, every silly mistake you spot in en email you've just sent, every time you struggle to find that fancy phrase you definitely know and end up choosing something simpler instead - all these moments simply reinforce your belief that you are not good enough.

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This is a problem

Improving your English requires you to use it. But using it imperfectly (which is really your only option) can reinforce this idea that you're not good enough, making you feel less confident which stops you from...using it.

When you're trapped in a cycle of feeling bad about your English, you can find yourself avoiding the very situations or activities which would help you improve.

I see this all the time with my clients. 
"I get really nervous speaking up in work calls."
"OK, tell me what happens when you speak up?"
"Well,... I don't really do it..."

What do you think the best way to overcome a fear of speaking in work calls is?
That's right - speaking in work calls!

But we've trapped ourselves in a mindset which doesn't reward trying.
It doesn't reward giving it a go and learning on the job.
It doesn't reward starting badly and getting better later.

How to conquer this?

Well, that's what I'm going to teach you in this webinar:
How to love your English
(and still keep improving)

In this 60-minute webinar, you're going to learn exactly how to put together a study routine (whatever that means to you) which keeps you moving forward without reinforcing the false messaging you've been receiving your whole life about "correctness" being the only way to measure success.

So, what will we cover in How to love your English (and still keep improving?

  • Why all the messages you've received about English are not necessarily true! (Be ready to HATE this section! You're gonna get angry - whether it's at me, your high school teachers, or yourself remains to be seen!)

  • How you should be evaluating and measuring your English performance. I'll teach you how to go into every situation knowing what you need to prioritise to guarantee success.

  • The principles of a healthy study routine. You'll learn which activities to prioritise, which to avoid and, crucially, how not to poison a healthy task with some unhealthy mindset mistakes!

  • What this looks like in practice. I'll share a study routine and show you how you can mix and match different activities to meet your goals.

  • How I've applied these principles to my own language programs. I'll show you how my discussion program, Deep Talk, is designed not only to help you improve your English but get you feeling incredible about it, too. (BONUS - I'll be sharing a link in the webinar to a super secret price!)

When will this event take place?

Wednesday 31st August

7 - 8pm UK

When you sign up, you'll receive a link to watch the replay of this webinar. This webinar will be available to watch for free until Sunday 18th September.

How will 'How to love your English' help me?

  • You'll gain practical knowledge about how to self-study English - I'll give you tasks, activities, and a balanced routine.

  • You'll develop a critical understanding of how to measure your success in English (and how not to!)

  • You'll find a new way of looking at your own English - one which rewards you for your achievements rather than punishing you for your failures.

  • You'll learn how to love your English - exactly how it is right now. And you'll learn why that shift may be the single most powerful step you take in your English language journey.

Catch the Replay

How to love your English (and still keep improving)

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