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"You helped me heal my relationship with my English"

Sara, English Teacher from Spain

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English Educators


Hey there, English teacher!

I'm Rhiannon and I'm here to help you make a change.


Let me take a stab at guessing some things that would sound really frickin’ good to you:

  • confidently speaking up among colleagues and peers without worrying if they’re wondering how on earth you’re an English teacher with that accent!

  • leaning into those moments in class where your student takes things in an entirely unexpected direction because you know that’s where the good stuff is and you know you can handle it!

  • shedding some of those hours (and hours and hours) you spend prepping for lessons and actually getting outside with the dog before the sun’s gone down each day!

Let me tell you - you can have all of this!

But it will take something a little deeper than your standard professional development webinar or “English grammar for teachers” course.

Why? Because real confidence, legitimacy and authority as an English teacher comes from within.

I know you're a great teacher

And I know that you know it…most of the time…

But our industry has some f*cked up ways of measuring teachers’ skills and those messages have crept into your head and sowed some pretty serious doubts:


  • my students won’t trust me to help them if I don’t immediately know the answers to their questions

  • my colleagues won’t respect my experience and training if they hear me make mistakes in English

  • I need to compensate for my ‘bad English’ by spending all my time (and money!) on webinars and language courses

Of course, it’s not that you believe all these thoughts all the time. 

You have amazing moments with colleagues and students which leave you feeling on top of the world about your job!

But these thoughts stick around…and they’re not just hurting you.

Our students know when we’re saying one thing… and doing another.

When we tell them not to worry about mistakes and to take risks with their English… but never allow ourselves to stray from the lesson plan, they see that!

When we talk about the importance of their ideas and effort… but then only ever mark them on their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, they see that!

When we try to instil a love of English in our learners… but we’re pouring from an empty cup because English stopped being fun years ago, they see that!

What would it be like if your actions as an educator were fully aligned with the messages you told yourself about your own English? 

Let’s find out!



English Educators

How can my coaching help you?

Here's how my past clients benefitted:

"I felt like I wasn’t able to speak as fluently as I could in the past and I was anxious and frustrated that I had spent so much time and energy learning and building strategies and - really - being in love with the language, only to often feel stuck and incapable.

Rhiannon spoke in her social media and webinars about bucking the trend of seeing language learning as a “right-or-wrong” process and I knew her program was the one for me. I was concerned about having enough time - I’m a busy teacher, after all! But I shouldn’t have worried because this has helped me so much in my job. As my self-confidence and willpower to improve has increased, so has my rapport with my students. 

The coaching sessions were useful occasions to reflect, go deeper, and find new solutions and strategies - all in a concrete, practical way. I am now really proud of my English and I’m grateful to myself for the good job I’ve been doing since I was a teenager."

Laura, English Teacher from Italy

Know this:
this is not your standard CPD program.

For one thing (in fact, it’s probably THE thing), I can’t tell you at this stage what we’re going to cover.

Why’s that?
Because I don’t know yet if you’re going to join.

If you join, we’re gonna have a completely different program to if you didn’t.
And the same is true for everyone else reading this sales page and deciding whether they’re in or out!

This program isn’t simply “personalised.”
I’m not taking my basic framework and changing the font and colour scheme especially for you.

I will build this program around you from the ground up. Just like I would for my 1-1 clients.

You see, how can I help you without knowing what you are bringing - all the ways you are absolutely CRUSHING it already, and the ways you’re struggling and need support moving forward?

  • Are you newly qualified or have you got 25 years’ experience?

  • Do you own your own language school and employ a team of 15 or are you working as a state-employed high school teacher?

  • Are you severely limited by your company’s or country’s curriculum or are you an entrepreneur with complete creative control over your lessons?

  • Do you need help letting go of over-preparing for classes?

  • Are you scared to start an Instagram page or blog in English?

  • Do you want to start charging more for your services?

Without meeting you, and talking to you, and listening to your story, I can’t know what you’ll need.

You are at the centre of this program and my job as your coach is to meet you where you are and to support and guide you to where you need to go, wherever that happens to be.



English Educators

So, what will we focus on?

As I said above, I’m going to build this program especially for you and so can't make any firm guarantees about the content, but here are the things I know I can help you with:


Goal Setting

We’ll work out exactly where you want to go and how to get there. And we’ll dig deep - what are you imagining this goal will feel like when you’ve reached it? How does it align with other goals you have for your life?



You’ll train your positivity muscle over and over, learning to spot the good and exciting and impressive. You'll become fluent in everything you're AMAZING at (and those negative thoughts will be put firmly in perspective!)



You have some un-fun thoughts going on below the surface. How do I know? Because you’re human and we’ve all got them! We’ll peel the layers back together and find ways to help you let go of the ones holding you back.


Staying Safe

You’re going to try new things and take risks but you’ll never be unprepared or over-challenged because you’ll be learning how to step out of your comfort zone without freaking out your nervous system!


Falling in Love

…with English! …with your job! You’ll find that spark and excitement that may have gotten a little lost along the way. You’ll put together a whole new definition of what being an English teacher means for you.

By the end of our time together…

  • You’ll have set out steps to becoming self-employed, and be comfortable selling your expertise and services online and in sales calls.

  • You’ll have written and submitted your proposal to IATEFL and embraced the waves of doubts and nerves which come with the submission process!

  • You’ll be walking into your classroom with a spring in your step, excited about the ways you can connect with your students and support them more effectively.

  • You’ll be looking forward to the twists and turns of your lessons, without a thought for whether you’ll have the vocabulary or not, and instead focussed 100% on where your students are taking you.

…or something else entirely!

It’s not my role to tell you what’s important in your job, your career, your classroom!

It's up to you!

This work is really important

Let’s get real for a second.

Professional development - British council webinars on classroom management, ‘grammar for teachers’ courses, Cambridge exams - is all great. 

But what if you can’t integrate it? What if you need more?

What if you’ve tried those options but either the results don't last or maybe the results are just too tiny to make much of a difference in the first place?

What if you don’t actually need more information or someone telling you what to do... 


...but instead support in working out what you actually think is important and in untangling the negative thoughts in your head which are stopping you from making the progress you want?

That’s what’s on offer in this program:

What is the right next step for YOU to take? 

Let’s find that out, and let’s help you take it!



English Educators

Let's chat logistics!

Alright, so what’re you actually going to get when you join?

This program will run from September 2023 - December 2023.

Bi-weekly coaching calls will give you all the space you need to work out what your short and long-term priorities are - and keep you accountable to them! We’ll work out a day and time for these once we know who’s in the group and there will always be a recording available afterwards.

A WhatsApp group with me and the other members will be there for mini-tasks and check-ins in between the calls, as well as a space to talk through what’s going on in your head and get a second (third, fourth…) pair of eyes on your ideas in real time.

If our group is big enough that we need to split up into smaller groups for the coaching calls, we’ll also have monthly whole-group calls to allow you the support of every one of our members and a chance to hear a wider range of perspectives.

You and I will also get together one-on-one for two 30-minute chats; once at the beginning of the program and once towards the end. This will ensure I know what you’re going to need from the next few months and give us a chance to reflect together on the progress you’ve made and establish future steps you want to take after the container is over.


For members who sign up before Monday 28th August, there will also be a bonus intention-setting call on August 29th where you can meet other members ahead of our program together and get yourself into the right frame of mind for the journey!

Oh, and one last thing:


If you haven’t picked up on this so far, I am flexible! 

My role isn’t to sculpt a perfect program and see if you fit into it - my job is to sculpt the perfect program around you! We will add new calls or change the times or use more voice notes (!) or whatever you need for the program to be as impactful as possible for you and the other members. Promise!

pay what works for you

This program has a “pay-what-works-for-you” payment system!

Unusual, right?

I simply don’t want finances to be the reason you can’t join us. This program is going to be powerful and I want you to have access to that.

As such, you've got two different pricing options, as well as the option to divide the payment into two (one half right now and the other half on October 1st). 


You will receive exactly the same program and experience regardless of which payment option you choose.

All I ask is that you seriously consider if you can afford to pay the higher price.


If you have a stable income, if you get paid in a globally strong currency, if you have some savings or own your own house, or regularly invest in CPD, or have the option of funding from your employers, please select the first option. 
This allows as many people who really need the cheaper option to be able to join us.

And if you need the lower price to be able to enrol - please feel no shame or embarrassment around selecting it. There will be no distinction within the program at all and it will be our privilege to have you with us.

From the desk of... (16).png


Full Price


If you are able to afford this price, I encourage you to choose this option. By doing so, you're ensuring there are spaces available for people who need the lower price offer. Thank you!

1x payment of £425
2x payment of £213

Doors have now closed and you can no longer join the Autumn 2023 program.


Reduced Price


If you are not be able to join us at the full price, please take advantage of this lower cost option. Once you are in the program, everything will be exactly the same regardless of the option you choose.

1x payment of £295
2x payment of £148

Doors have now closed and you can no longer join the Autumn 2023 program.

EEE Payment

A final word on money...

If the lower of the two prices is still prohibitively expensive for you, but you know that you’d be a perfect fit for this container and are excited about the work involved over the coming months, please get in touch with me using the form below. 
I want the right people in this group and, if that’s you, there are a limited number of scholarship options we can discuss.

Answering some final questions...

Can I join even if I'm not sure what I want to get out of it?

Absolutely! You do not need to come into this coaching experience with any answers at all! Understanding yourself, gaining clarity on the areas of your career you want to make change in or discovering what beliefs about language are underlying your lack of confidence is a huge undertaking in and of itself. We can spend as much time or as little time in this “preliminary” stage as you need.

Should I join if I already know exactly what I want to change?

If you feel like you’d benefit from some support, sure! It would be my privilege to help you achieve your goal! The benefit of my coaching is that I won’t just support you in taking action, but also in helping you gain confidence in your decisions so that you know you’re not simply moving forward but moving forward in the right direction!

You haven’t said when you’ll be having calls - what if I can’t make that time?

I’m going to do my best to arrange these calls around you and the other members. This may well turn out to be a logistical nightmare (mine, not yours!) but I think it’s an important part of making this program work for you. You’ll be sent a questionnaire when you first sign up which includes questions on availability. If we’ve tried everything and really can’t make the group calls work for you, I’ll try to offer you an alternative that meets your needs. And if we do need to talk about refunds, that will be on the table, of course.

The timing of this program isn’t great for me - will you be running it again?

Honest answer? I don’t know. I am hoping that this group will go really well and I’ll want to run it again next year and that everyone who joins this will be like “OMG - every English teacher needs this course in their lives - you have to run this FOREVER”. That said, I have ADHD and struggle to get excited by things I’ve done before, so there’s no sure answer. Only time will tell!

Can I join if I’ve only just started working as an English teacher?

Freshly qualified or about to get qualified? We would be delighted to have you in the group. I can’t imagine how much better a teacher I would have been if I had been part of a critical, reflective group of professionals at the start of my career. My only word of caution would be that your first year of teaching is hard work - make sure you’ll have enough time to manage your work with us on top of your other commitments.

I’m just a bit overwhelmed by everything right now and not sure if this is the right decision…

I totally get it! This is all new and exciting but also up in the air and difficult to picture!?? Send me a message using the form below and we can have a call. It’s the simplest way to work out if we’d be a good fit together. I need you to feel confident working with me, and I need to feel confident that you’re the right person for this program. It won’t be a tacky sales call - if I don’t believe I can help you, I’ll let you know!


Got a Question?

If you have any questions about whether this program is the right fit for you, or are simply looking for some information you can’t find on this page, send me a message.
If it’s a quick answer, I’ll send you an email, if it’s more complex, I’ll set up a call and we can chat it through in person.

Seriously - any question, big or small! 
You won’t be bugging me! I want to talk to you 🧡

Awesome! Thanks for your question :) I'll be in touch ASAP (It's probably worth keeping an eye on your spam folder!)

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