Spanish DIY and some thoughts on language learning...

The past few weeks have seen some dramatic changes in our flat!

For those of you who don’t know, my partner and I bought a property last year and it was a doer-upper. I mean: new walls, ceilings, floors, electrics, pipework, boiler kind of doer-upper not just "I fancy a new bathroom."

Our hallway when we moved in... nice carpet!

It was a whole year between moving in and getting a fully fitted kitchen, for instance. We spent 4 months cooking on an electric hob in the spare room and a further 6 months using a desk and a bookcase as kitchen furniture after the oven was installed.

This month we took another major step forward. This time, our attention was on the bedroom and hallway, both of which suffered from severe wonky flooring as well as an about-to-collapse-at-any-moment ceiling (and, it turned out, wall).

The work involved entirely removing the lath and plaster ceiling and offending wall, adding insulation and fixing plasterboard. All the old floorboards were removed (don’t hate me - they were unsalvageable), the joists were levelled (a full 4 inches in places!!), and then the chipboard was fitted.

This means I can now go to the toilet in the middle of the night without a) ripping my feet apart on sticky out nails b) falling through the numerous holes in the floor or c) waking up my partner with the squeaky floorboards.

A death trap in the middle of the night

All very good news!

And the super fun bit of it all, from my perspective, was that my joiner was Chilean and had very limited English so I got to practise my rusty Spanish!