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This is such an underrated activity but I couldn’t imagine learning a language without it. Lots of people complain they have no one to practise English with - but you have yourself! There’s no pressure of an audience, you can repeat yourself a hundred times if you want to, and you have control over what you talk about.

Young Father Cooking

The Basics:

  1. Talk to yourself.

That’s it - I promise! When you’re at home, doing the washing up and hanging up the laundry, have a little chat in English with yourself.


  1. Prepare the questions. Have a few questions, perhaps ones from a speaking exam, and practise answering them. You can repeat the same answer over and over, playing with different ideas.

  2. Practise conversations. Are you meeting friends later and are nervous you won’t know what to say? Run through an imagined conversation - think about possible questions they might ask you and how you could answer, or come up with some questions to ask them.

  3. Say it in your head. If you live with flatmates or family, you might not want to talk out loud when they’re in the house. That’s OK - have the conversations in your head!


Online English language courses where meaning comes first.

My online English speaking and conversation courses are designed to develop your fluency and vocabulary by focussing on real, meaningful communication. I know that the best way to learn a language is to use it, so that's what I help you do. Join Rhiannon ELT for group discussion classes, exam preparation groups or 1-1 lessons and start making real progress today.

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