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**Please Note - I am no longer producing transcripts for the latest episodes of the Deep Talk podcast. You are purchasing the transcripts for the first 12 episodes only.**


Understanding podcasts can be very difficult - even for learners with a really high level of English. There are no pictures or videos to help you follow, the speakers don't use highly controlled language like in your text books or more formal presentations like TED talks, and what's more, they're often very long.


This transcript is designed to help you through these podcast episodes. You'll see an accurate transciption - what the speakers actually said (even when they get confused, repeat themselves or mumble!)


You can use these transcripts to help you check your understanding, build your vocabulary or work on your own pronunciation.


If you want more ideas for how to use them, check out the Learner Training page of this website.




Upon purchase, you'll receive a link to download the PDF transcripts of Episodes 01-12 of the Deep Talk podcast.

Episodes 1-12 // DEEP TALK Podcast: Transcripts

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